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Fidgety Frog


The high jump of the frog

Fidgety Frog tells the story of a frog's high jump. However, the obstacle he needs to avoid is not to touch the closed and closed logs continuously.

Help the frog jump

Show off the frog's high jump talent by clicking to help the frog jump. One click is one jump but if you want to jump higher you have to keep clicking because the frog will jump down right after you jump. Jump as much distance between the ground and the frog will be farther. However you need to pay attention to the logs that are pressed together will repeat the action so you need to avoid hitting the log.

Avoid obstacles

The only obstacle that you need to avoid is the logs that are pressing together. They will repeat the action of closing and closing continuously so when you jump absolutely do not touch the wood. Even if your foot touches the log you crossed before, it will fail. Each time you jump over a log is a point count. The more you jump over the log, the higher your score.

Change your appearance

Each retry of the challenge is a different frog character. They have color differences to add to the appeal of the game. See how many different frog species there are in this game.

Similar click games

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