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You must battle not only other online players but also a variety of wild creatures and animals in the great multiplayer.io game called Fightz.io

Shoot the monsters with your ranged weapon; you'll come up against pigs, rats, scorpions, and even fearsome dragons! Collecting crystals as you defeat enemies raises your level and improves your weapon and looks. Until you feel powerful enough to take on other players, attempt to avoid being attacked by them by using the left-click mouse button to increase your speed. Be careful and pick your battles properly because if you die, you have to start again at level 1! Can you control the Fightz arena while fending off armies of monsters?


  • With each level gain, characters have different looks.
  • There are many creatures to be hunted.
  • Being around water might make you more slower.

How to play

Move with the mouse. Left click to fire. Right click to dash.