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Fill Up Block Logic Puzzle

About Fill Up Block Logic Puzzle

What Is Fill Up Block Logic Puzzle

Fill Up Block Logic Puzzle is a single-player puzzle game in which you have to move blocks to the destination to complete a level. Have a nice time! Coming to this puzzle game, you will have exciting entertaining moments while showing your intelligence through each puzzle.

How Many Levels Are There

There are many levels for you to conquer. The number of levels is unlimited and you need to play in order to increase slowly the level of difficulty and improve your playing skills. If you start with high levels, you can not overcome them.

Guides To Complete Levels

Use your mouse to place blocks in the target. You can complete a level if these blocks can color the whole map. However, it's challenging. Even, it can be harder than running in Geometry Dash Meltdown. Let's see the reason in the next part!

On the blocks, there are arrows and the color will move with this arrow until it encounters an obstacle. Therefore, you need to place blocks with these arrows in the appropriate position to be able to complete the task. In addition, you should also pay attention to the types of arrows.