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Become the best fisherman in Fishing.io

Become the man who caught the most fish in Fishing.io. Upgrade the fishing rod to fish deeper in the water and increase the value of the fish.

Man with his fishing rod on a fishing journey and longing to catch the legendary giant fish. However, with limited ability and limited budget, this man has not been able to fulfill his wish. Therefore, help this man achieve his wish as he wishes.

Things that you need to pay attention to

Bucket size

Catch as many fish as you can to increase your income. Lengthen your fishing rods by upgrading them to make them longer. Each time you upgrade, the upgrade amount will be higher. Let's fish with fast speed to get more fish. And the longer the rod, the easier it will be to reach other fish in your fish collection.


You can't keep fishing with a short cuttlefish, upgrade them so you can fish more. And one thing is for sure, the rare fish are usually not near the surface of the water but they are very deep in the water and if you want to fulfill your dream, upgrade it.

Fish price

To quickly get more for the purposes of upgrading other things, you need to increase the value of the fish so that you do not have to fish too much. Sometimes the value of a rare fish is already a lot of money but when you upgrade the fish value, the fish you catch can increase a lot more money.