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Funny Shooter

Participate in an intense battle in Funny Shooter

If you have a tiring day at work, entertain yourself with the Funny Shooter game. Here, your mission is to destroy all the guards in the arena.

You will participate in an arena, where you will face an entire army of orange skins. These soldiers will attack you in different ways and you need to destroy them all. Melee soldiers will rush toward you. You can counterattack by moving away to shoot or you can also jump up to destroy them. For the ranged soldiers, you need to aim to shoot and destroy them. At the same time, you also need to avoid the attacks of these soldiers. The ranged soldiers will launch spears at you, you should change your position flexibly to not be attacked. You need to pay attention to the grenades on the ground. You shoot and explode grenades to kill your opponents faster. Are you ready for this intense battle? Use smart tactics and destroy all the enemies on the map.

How to control

You use the mouse and the key to control your character.

  • You move the mouse to change the view and left-click to shoot.
  • You the arrow key to move and press the Spacebar to jump.