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Funny Shooter 2


About Funny Shooter 2

Participate in Funny Shooter 2 to use your shooting skills and shoot down all your enemies. Complete your missions and come to the next levels. This game is the second version of this Funny Shooter series. In the previous version, you can experience many matches to shoot. Now, this new version will bring you new experiences. However, the main rules and gameplay of this game series still maintain. If you are a fan of Funny Shooter, it will be impossible to skip the second volume.

Now, it's time for you to start learning the details of this shooting game.

How To Play

Instructions To Move

Your character can move freely on the whole map. In order to move, use the WASD KEYS. In addition, you can jump using the SPACEBAR. While moving, remember to follow the mini-map. It will allow you to check your position.

Guides To Shoot

When you face enemies, shoot them immediately by clicking on the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON. Your opponents will move closer to you and attack you after they can touch you. Therefore, you should eliminate your rivals from the distance.

Ways To Win

Each level requires you to kill a number of enemies. After completing this mission, you need to find the portal to proceed to the next level.