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About FunRace.io

The Game Of Competition

Are you ready to play FunRace.io to race with 7 other racers to compete for the championship? Try to run as fast as possible and complete laps first. This online game belongs to the racing genre and the multiplayer genre. Therefore, it will be fast-paced and competitive.

Laps In FunRace.io

When joining this racing game, your driving skills will be tested by various laps. Each race often requires you to complete 3 laps before reaching the final finish line. In particular, the tracks here are not straight. Instead, there are many curves that challenge each player. On your way, you can face oil that makes you speed down or broken vehicles. If you crash into these cars, your speed will decrease.

Tips For You

There are speed-up lines. You should run over these lines to accelerate. This tip can help you gain victory surprisingly. In addition, you also need to master the control buttons.

  • Use the UP ARROW key to move forward.
  • Use the DOWN ARROW key to move backward.
  • Use the LEFT & RIGHT ARROW keys to turn.

While running, you can prevent or push other cars to make it impossible for them to get over you.