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Geometry Challenge


Geometry Challenge brings you to experience the addictive games of Geometry again. Lead the main character of the cube to move through the obstacles and complete the challenge.

The run has no end

The cube will not stop moving forward as long as it does not hit any obstacle. However, it can only move people forward and is not capable of avoiding obstacles. That's why you need to help it avoid obstacles and go as far as possible. By jumping over the obstacles, hit the ground on the platforms without hitting them.

Complete mission

You will not be able to predict the end of each level, so you can only try to go as far as possible. A toolbar shows how many percent of your task completion is set. That will help you know how far you are from your destination.

Number of retries

If you are familiar with the parts of Geometry, you will know that you cannot win from the first play. You will need multiple attempts to complete a challenge. The game helps you practice patience, calmness and concentration.

Challenging multiple levels

There are 3 levels corresponding to the three levels of play of this game: Easy, Medium, Hard. You can choose the level that suits your ability. With easy levels, you will move through spikes and jump over platforms. With a medium level, you will move in combination with spikes and platforms together. With difficult levels, the spikes will appear more and you need to jump more and faster to stay alive.