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Geometry Dash Cybersphere


Geometry Dash Cybersphere is one of the versions designed by the Geometry Dash Lite player community. This design is rated at moderate difficulty.

Geometry Dash Cybersphere inspiration

This game was inspired by the original Cybersphere created by Atlex and Distortt, and it has been adapted and enhanced by griffpatch and hoppingicon, with all rights belonging to RobTop Games, the copyright holder of the full version online levels.

Specific playing instructions

Gameplay in Cybersphere is both challenging and addictive. Your objective is to navigate through a series of obstacles and hazards, all while jumping on yellow rings to progress. To control your character, you can either press the [up] arrow key, [w] key, [spacebar], or simply click on the screen to make your character jump.

Be careful to avoid the spikes that are scattered throughout the levels, as touching them will result in an immediate game over. Additionally, there are gravity portals that will transform your character into a ship, allowing you to fly. Hold the designated key or click and hold the screen to ascend, and release to descend.

To gain extra height during your jumps, aim for the yellow pads. They will give you an extra boost, helping you reach higher platforms. If you come across blue pads, hitting them without going through a gravity portal will propel you even higher. Keep an eye out for these gravity-defying opportunities!

While maneuvering through the levels, collect the coins for bonus points. They are scattered strategically throughout the game, so seize the opportunity to grab them whenever you can.

For players concerned about performance, you can press the 'L' key to toggle effects on and off. This feature is particularly useful for reducing lag and ensuring smooth gameplay.

Get ready for a thrilling adventure in Geometry Dash Cybersphere, where precision, timing, and quick reflexes will be the keys to your success. Jump, dodge, and collect your way to victory in this action-packed game!