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Giant Rush


Giant Rush is a great arcade game. Join this game and you will merge the stickman into one giant stickman, reach the finish line and defeat the enemy.

Conquer Giant Rush

Are you ready to come to Giant Rush and transform into a giant? Join the game now and experience exciting entertainment moments.

Stickman merge

Coming to this game, your ultimate goal is to reach the finish line where the enemies are waiting for you. Go there and you will take down your enemies. However, the enemies all have large bodies, if you want to defeat them, you need to be bigger than them. That's why when on the way to the finish line, besides diamonds, you also need to collect stickmen of the same color as your character. Multiple stickman merges will turn your character into a giant.

Also, don't forget to avoid colliding with the obstacles. Stickmen of different colors from you should also not be exposed. Otherwise, you will lose a merged stickman.

How to play

Use the mouse to play.

Upgrade in Giant Rush

The game includes many levels with increasing difficulty. Your opponents are also increasing day by day, and so are the obstacles on the way. Therefore, you should use diamonds to upgrade your stickman. That will make it stronger, and completing challenges easier.

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