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Gun Mayhem 3


An entertaining and creative action game called Gun Mayhem 3. With impressive 3D visuals, a variety of 29 weapons, 18 distinct characters and 15 levels will attract players.

Feature of Gun Mayhem 3

Players have the option of playing alone or in two-player mode with a companion. To advance to the next level you have to shoot or bomb the enemies. Players need to be alert and quickly finish off the attackers to keep their five lives. The game ends after all lives have been used up.

Players can freely choose each of the 21 separate weapons with two firing modes to defeat their opponents. Ten brand new maps were also created with strategic gameplay. Along with that, players can fight with up to four players thanks to artificial intelligence.

How to play

Player 1 controls

  • Arrow keys to Movement
  • Z to Primary Fire
  • X to Secondary Fire

Player 2 controls

  • WASD to Movement
  • T to Primary Fire
  • Y to Secondary Fire
  • Choose "custom game" to play 2 players.