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Halloween Knife


Throw knives into wood in Halloween Knife

Halloween Knife throws knives in a circle and does not collide with other knives. Addictive gameplay mechanics challenge your accuracy and timing skills.

How to control

To control the game, you can use your mouse or touchpad. Click and drag to aim your knife, and release to throw it. The longer you hold, the more power you throw will have.

Optimize knife throwing success

Avoiding collisions with other knives is crucial. If your knife hits another knife, you'll have to start over. However, you may come across pumpkins and bosses. Hitting pumpkins can unlock new knives and defeat bosses allows you to advance further.

To maximize your chances of success, aim for the center of the rotating circles. Breaking them from the center tends to be easier. Don't be discouraged if you don't perform well initially. Keep practicing and honing your accuracy and timing skills.

High scores

Your ultimate goal is to achieve the highest score possible and make it to the champions' podium. Break as many circles as you can and earn points along the way. Additionally, challenge your friends to beat your high score and enjoy the competitive spirit of the game.

The Halloween atmosphere in this game

The Halloween festival atmosphere is recreated in this game. Everything related to Halloween is shown here such as the dark night along with the image of haunted pumpkins around the log. They replace regular fruits. Collect them to exchange for another knife in the Shop. You can also play Spin to see some rewards from the lucky spin. It could be a pumpkin or a new knife.