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Halloween Sugar Chute

Some features of Halloween Sugar Chute

Are you ready for the fun pranks in Halloween Sugar Chute? You will transform into many different characters and perform the challenge of Treat or Dare.

This game is inspired by Halloween, where you will transform into many different cartoon characters such as Gumball, Ben 10, Finn, and more. You will carry a bag and your mission will have to collect this bag full of candy. Do not hesitate to take the Treat or Dare challenge and be the one who gets the most candy this Halloween season.

Complete the Treat or Dare mission

In this game, you will be changing between many different characters and going to collect candy. The candies will drop randomly on the screen and you need to move back and forth to collect these candies. You use the mouse to control your character. Each time you play, you will have 5 lives corresponding to 5 misses of candy. Each bag will hold up to 10 candies. You have to quickly change the bag when it's full so you don't miss a single candy. Are you confident that you can complete this challenge? Go to the Geometry Dash Meltdown site and play this fun game.