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Handless Millionaire


Handless Millionaire is a guillotine hand horror game. The guillotine has cut countless hands already. During your turn, you will stop at how much money.

Become a billionaire thanks to the hand

This is a horror game about the exchange of money and arms. Do you want to be a billionaire without having to do anything. Simply take money from the other side of the guillotine with your hand unaffected then the money goes to you. Gentle challenge? The speed of the guillotine will not be fixed, choose an appropriate time for the guillotine not to cut your hand.

Money levels

There are 15 bonus levels that you need to make. You will start with a base level of 1$ and challenge successively with larger numbers. The higher the amount, the faster the guillotine will work and slash down more. You can only choose the right time to take money from the other side so that the guillotine can't cut you. Since the game is consecutive, once your hand is slashed you will stop with the total amount that you have earned.

How to get money

Use the mouse to move your hand over the guillotine and left click to hold the money and withdraw before the guillotine cuts your hand.

The last round with the value of 1 billion

Very few people can make at 15 with a total value of 1 billion. That tough challenge. If the bonus levels are lower, you can figure out the rule of the guillotine's rest time, then this round, you will have a hard time guessing the rest rule. All thanks to your luck.