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Helix Jump

The arcade game Helix Jump is easy to play and a lot of fun. Just keep releasing a ball while avoiding the no-go areas along a row of circular platforms!

Helix Jump is a captivating and entertaining 3D game that might be helpful for passing the time. You may play this game whenever you like. You have to assist a ball in falling to the bottom of a spiral labyrinth in this enjoyable hopping game. Jump Helix uses the familiar ball as its subject and ascends the spiral staircase.

Helix Jump is a straightforward game, yet it's appealing. You have surely had to repeatedly beat the keyboard when all it would have taken was one more step for you to pass the screen and get a bit confused.

How long can you keep moving the squid balls in this challenging puzzle game? Manage the spiral labyrinth's spin to locate gaps that the ball can squeeze through and eventually fall to the bottom. The best place to throw the ball is in between the blocks that are fastened to the long pipe. If the ball touches any darker bricks outside the labyrinth, the game ends and you must start over. Play a score race with your pals. You can choose from a variety of levels to accomplish.

How to play

The mouse or arrow keys should be used.