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About Hobo

Welcome to Hobo in which you will control a drunk man and attack any characters you meet. Let's eliminate people who treat badly and unlock new weapons! Like Geometry Dash Meltdown, this online game is for single players. However, this single-player game has a unique feature that you can attack all others as an action game instead of only running.

Coming to this Hobo game, you can experience various significant features. For example:

  • The exciting and free gameplay when transforming into a drunker.
  • Various weapons to use as attack tools.
  • Many different challenges with a variety of enemies.

Let's come to this entertaining game now to enjoy these fascinating features.

How To Play

Defeat All Opponents

Your objective is to guide your character to move forward. When you face enemies, let's attack and eliminate them. Your rivals can be police, workers, shop customers, or others. Don't hesitate and fight immediately. Your enemies also attack you. Therefore, kill or be killed. What option do you choose?

In the playing process, you can unlock new weapons and new attacking ways. They will help you gain victory more easily.

Control The Hobo Game

  • Use the A key to punch.
  • Use the S key to kick.
  • Use the arrow keys to move.