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A multiplayer online arena of the cutest sort is called Hury.io. Find unhatched eggs to become more strong and safeguard the young at all costs. Aim to build the biggest family on the server while avoiding clashes with other players.

The objective is to live and collect as many eggs as you can. To travel in the desired direction, click and drag the left mouse button. Hold Space to accelerate. Keep an eye on the stamina bar. Don't try to use it up too quickly. To take newly hatched offspring under your wing, approach the dispersed eggs on the map. To attack an opponent, right-click. Take cautious not to directly collide with other participants. The advancement will be lost otherwise. Be aware of the red zone in BR. The playing area gets steadily smaller. To win the round, remain inside and be the last person standing.


  • Engrossing game play
  • Slick 3D graphics with a variety of textures for the surroundings
  • Wonderfully rendered characters and amusing animations
  • Numerous choices for customisation

How to play

Play this game with the mouse