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Idle Farming Business


Idle Farming Business is an idle farm game. You are a farmer and need to harvest agricultural products in your garden to earn a lot of money. Upgrade agricultural products to increase income and expand the land in your garden.

Agricultural harvest

The crops that you will harvest include: potatoes, carrots, barley, tomatoes, ect. The agricultural products have different values, the more the value, the slower the recovery time, the lower the value received but the faster the recovery time. You will start harvesting potatoes until you have enough money to buy new land to grow carrots. Do repetitive work with other crops.

Because this is an idle game, when you use the Upgrade shop and Upgrade mode features, you do not need to pay too much attention to the time to collect agricultural products. They will automatically restore value and you can take the money whenever you want. If you love idle games, you can try another game with the same theme called Idle Ants.

A few things to watch out for


Upgrade shop is a feature that uses time to automatically harvest agricultural products without you having to click too much. The more agricultural products upgrade, the faster the self-healing time.

Upgrade mode is a feature to upgrade the value of each agricultural product. The more you upgrade, the more valuable agricultural products will be.

Things that help your agricultural products grow well

Sunshine helps agricultural products to be integrated to help agricultural products increase their value performance

Rain is no different from Sunshine, it also contributes to increasing the value efficiency of your current agricultural products