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Impossible Lite Dash


Impossible Lite Dash is another version game of Geometry Dash. This version is different from the previous versions in that, our main character is a cube moving in an upward direction.

Avoid obstacles

The yellow obstacle will stay in a fixed position. You just need to move to the opposite direction of the obstacle to not hit it.
The red obstacle is not in a fixed position. It is initially in its place but as you get close, it will move to the other direction, quickly moving in the opposite direction to the moving obstacle so as not to touch it.

Unlock new skins

Try to complete the challenge as long as possible. The new skin will automatically change the skin when you pass the current challenge.

Experiment with many different contexts

There are many other contexts waiting for you ahead. To unlock them, you need to complete the first challenge. Contexts will unlock as you complete the current challenges.

Unlimited retry

One of the features of the Geometry genre is repeated retry. No one has been successful from the first play. Even to win a few games, players can replay up to a hundred times or more. If you are a patient person, trying again is not too difficult.