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Impostor Killer

Enjoy the Impostor Killer

Defeat your enemies in the Impostor Killer game. Let's use your weapons to kill them before they destroy your character. This game can relax your mind.

Kill enemies in Impostor Killer

You want a game to test your reaction time! You should play this game. Put on your spacesuit and keep your knife in your hand. You need to keep an eye on the spaceship from every angle. To complete the mission, you must conceal yourself from the enemy's view to avoid being caught, and failing the mission. Move as quietly as you can without making a sound. Try not to do anything wrong and don't get caught doing anything wrong!

Try to avoid making eye contact with your foes and mercilessly kill them all. There are numerous levels in the game, and as you progress through each one, the difficulty will increase. Besides this game, we want to share Squid Guard, Geometry Dash Meltdown, Among Us Christmas Run and Trick Hoops: Puzzle Edition with you.