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Play Impostor.io game for some entertainment that conquers the galaxy. Your objective is to locate the savage aliens that are assaulting the victim. We are all in the same boat (or rather the same spaceship). Use melee weapons to attack each foe to defeat them. In order to level up and get stronger, collect energy cubes. Maintain a healthy level of health and carry on battling until you are the top player.

The scenario is new and enjoyable, although the gameplay is conventional for this genre. It's very nice to be able to kill someone without having to sneak via the vents. Choose an appropriate target, launch an attack, collect your prizes, and flee from the larger man. There is just furious action and amazing gaming moments; there is no hiding or faking. The only drawback is that other players share your skills.

The alien may be moved about by dragging the mouse; the character will go where you point. Attack using a left click, and accelerate your movement with a right click. The only way to level up and improve your stats is to collect cubes. Additionally, it refills a set quantity of health bar segments. When you are about to die, get out of harm's way and look for energy. Can you develop into the universe's most perilous space invader? Check it out by entering the cosmic arena!

How to play

Use narrow keys to move objects. Spacebar key to hit the enemy