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Navigate challenging obstacle with traps, turns, and twists. Jump over platforms that are dangling in the air and avoid falling into the chasm in JumpFall. Strive to surpass rivals and pass them by to claim the prized chalice.

To move across the stage and touch the golden cup at the finish is the objective. Move the mouse pointer around to have a look. In order to move in the desired direction, press WASD or the arrow keys. Jump by using LMB or the Spacebar. Shift while accelerating. Just use it sparingly and with caution to prevent unforeseen mishaps. It's also crucial to pay attention to the character's landing point. Bricks that are plain gray are sturdy and entirely secure. The bluish-white ice is slick and difficult to balance on. Greenery frequently hides hazards and provides absolutely no assistance. Lethal lava lakes can be found in deep red. Keep as far away from them as you can. Sand-colored checkpoints act as respawn sites and save a portion of the progress. Dark-blue hexagons give way under pressure and then quickly revert to their initial position. Utilize this knowledge to go to the exit as soon as you can. For optimal results, go by the "measure twice, cut once" rule. Stuttering should be kept to a minimum and efficiency should be optimized by killing any superfluous background programs.

How to play

Use WASD or the arrow keys to play this game.