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King Of Thieves


King Of Thieves tells the story of a thief's robbery. Help him move to the place where the treasure is. Stay away from obstacles not to lose your strength.

How to play

A thief is trying to find a way to capture the bau warehouse. Contrary to the usual way of preventing thieves from stealing treasure, here, helping him steal treasure is your task. In the process of moving to the treasure will encounter many obstacles, be strategic so that you can take the least damage.

A few things to note


A life bar will appear on the same screen with the star levels you receive. Maintaining your health at three stars will maintain the amount you get in the treasure. The fewer stars, the less treasure. Therefore, have the right strategy to limit hitting obstacles.

Overcoming challenges

Treasure will be over there waiting for you to collect. During that process, appear obstacles like fire, gun, electric shock, ect. You need to move so as not to touch them. At the same time, the blue diamonds scattered everywhere also need you to collect. Having them combined with staying power makes you have more treasures.


You will experience countless challenges in more than 100 levels of the game. The higher you go, the higher the difficulty level will increase, the terrain and challenges will also increase, ensuring life is inevitable.