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An online shooter with recognizable pixelated graphics is called Krunker.io Players must protect themselves against opposing attacks in a low-poly arena. The game is suitable for both casual and serious players because it is easy to pick up and understand.

Please be aware that this is a web game and that no download is necessary; all you need is a recent browser with graphics acceleration enabled. Click the corresponding symbol in the bottom right corner of the screen to play in full screen. Use the Server Browser option to join a server; it will show you a list of available games you may join based on where you are. Choosing servers that are closer to you physically in the actual world is generally a good idea. The game was created by Sidney de Vries and has blocky but attractive graphics, accurate first-person shooter controls, a fair selection of weaponry, and frantic yet rewarding gameplay. Join a brief Krunker.io game to see whether you like it if you enjoy current tactical fighting or even just plain casual shooting.

How to play

Move with WASD. Left mouse button for attack. R to reload. C to aim down sights. Space to jump. Shift to crouch. F to spray paint.