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Life The Game


Life The Game is a simulation game that experience various stages of human life. The game was created by Ohmaigawd and is available for free in our website.

Challenges in each stage of person's life

Several mini-games that represent different stages or challenges in a person's life. Complete the challenges in each stage and remember that time is running out. You can only do the challenge for 5 seconds and the time bar is at the top of the screen. Only by concentrating hard can you complete the challenge.

Birth: It is necessary to give birth to a baby from the mother's womb. Choose the right time to let the baby go out, otherwise both mother and baby's lives will be in danger. Give birth to a baby by using the arrow keys or mouse to control its movements.

School: The school mini-game involves taking a multiple-choice test. Read the questions carefully and click on the correct answer within the given time limit. Pay attention to the timer and try to answer as many questions correctly as possible.

Love: Control a character who is trying to impress their love interest. Use the arrow keys or mouse to perform various actions, such as giving flowers or compliments, while avoiding awkward situations. The goal is to win the love interest's heart.

Work: The work mini-game typically involves a time management challenge. You have to complete tasks by clicking or dragging objects within a specified time frame. Try to be efficient to meet your work goals.

Parenting: Take on the role of a parent and need to take care of a baby or child. Follow the on-screen instructions to perform tasks like feeding, changing diapers, and playing with the child. Pay attention to the child's needs and keep them happy and healthy.

Retirement: The retirement mini-game often presents a leisure activity that you can enjoy. Use the arrow keys or mouse to control your character and participate in the chosen activity, such as playing golf or fishing. Have a relaxing and enjoyable retirement experience.

Some other mini-games

Some of the mini-games featured in Life The Game include Burger Madness, Study Session, Travel Puzzles, and Rainbow Melody. As the name of the mini-games suggests, follow the instructions of each mini-game and do it in the fastest or longest time depending on the game.