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Little Crash Fighters

General introduction to Little Crash Fighters

In the entertaining engineering game Little Crash Fighters your goal is to design the ideal demolition robot car. Have you ever watched the popular TV show about tiny robots competing against each other? You can try your own ideas in that contest right now with the help of this amazing free online game. For your little robot you will be able to use weapons such as saws, spike balls, rocket launchers and other guns.

Features of Little Crash Fighters

Do not worry. Your machine will automatically fight for you in battles, leaving you free to focus on building it. After each win, you will definitely get cash that you can use to develop your robot. To become invincible, try to unlock all upgrades and all weapons. Focus on winning money to upgrade your car. With only 250 gold coins, you can unlock any part. Try to unlock all the parts and go to battle ready.