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Mad Mad Unicorn

Have you always thought that the unicorn is a soft, human-friendly animal? But with the video game Mad Mad Unicorn is completely different from people's imagination. A bloodthirsty, ferocious flying unicorn is moving forward. Fly the little birds to increase your score, stay away from the rockets that can make you blown away.

Mad Mad Unicorn's feature

Help the aggressive unicorn defeat the weak and vulnerable birds in his race! With their aggressive nature, harmful to mankind, humanity will not let this evil unicorn go free; They will try to take it down with powerful rockets fired from all angles! Try to dodge those missiles or else just a light touch, the unicorn can kick in the body and end the game. In addition, the magic carrot will grant the unicorn enough strength to repel those deadly weapons, but it only works for a certain time. Take advantage and move wisely.

How to control

Use the mouse to move the unicorn