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Mahjong Fortuna

Play Mahjong Fortuna

Welcome to the Mahjong Fortuna game. This is a simple puzzle game with items related to Mahjong. You have to find and remove them from the map.

Mahjong Fortuna has a very unique way of playing. Mahjong blocks will be stacked on top of each other. Your task is to find blocks of the same type and remove them from the map. However, it is not easy to delete them. These blocks are stacked in layers, so you have to connect the blocks in the same layer together. Also, these blocks are not blocked by any blocks around them. Have you targeted the games yet? Access Geometry Dash Meltdown to play this exciting game.

Control: Use the mouse to find and remove the Mahjong.

Conquer several levels of Mahjong Fortuna

This game is divided into many different levels. The challenges of each level will increase by increasing the layers of Mahjong. In the first level, you will get acquainted with the gameplay of the game by solving puzzles with 3 layers of Mahjong. As the level increases, the number of layers of Mahjong also increases, thereby making it difficult for you. Let's play and conquer every level of this game.