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MarioDash recreates the unique combination of Geometry Dash and Mario. This combination is a new highlight for both of these classic multiplayer games.

Take Mario to conquer the world of Geometry Dash

Starting the game, Mario will transform into a moving cube in the world of Geometry Dash. The goal of the game is to help Mario complete the challenge. Still keeping the same mechanism of Geometry Dash, the spikes will hurt you and you have to do the challenge from the beginning. Try to move to the time portal without getting hurt.

The difference of this version compared to the Geometry Dash versions will be some additional details related to Mario's background. Introduced Mario objects into this version. They are secret boxes containing mysterious powers that players cannot know in advance, in addition, there are not only spikes but also walking poisonous mushrooms that prevent Mario from performing challenges.

Feature demonstrated in MarioDash

Collect gold coins

During the challenge, gold coins always appear on the way, follow them to collect all the gold coins. In addition, this is also a way for you to stay away from obstacles in front of you. This helps you reduce the very high rate of hitting an obstacle.

Open mysterious gift boxes

Many mysterious gift boxes are randomly distributed on the road, each box has different powers such as wings flying in the air, changing size, ect. These powers contribute to making the journey to conquer the land of Geometry Dash much more interesting.