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Marshmallow Ninja


Join the finish line with 2 ninjas in Marshmallow Ninjas

An exciting journey between two ninjas reaching their destination together in Marshmallow Ninjas. A 2D Pixel Co-op platformer game that should definitely not be missed. With the unique gameplay of bouncing on each other, jumping into the bubble and reaching the finish line together is the goal that you need to do. Play together with your friends to enjoy this entertaining game.

The image of Ninjas is considered cold-blooded, cold and somewhat creepy when it comes to this name. However, you will find Ninja more adorable in this game because the two inspired characters are Marshmallow, the image associated with sweet, supple, elastic.

Because the characteristics of these two characters are Marshmallow, they can bounce on each other, supporting each other to reach the finish line. In addition, jumping into the bubble also helps two characters to reach the destination faster. However, you will still be quite surprised with this bubble mode. Unlike other balloons, they all make you fly vertically from bottom to top. On the contrary, in this game, the shadow of each character helps to guide the other character. You can also take advantage of this to find your way into the next levels.

The game has 16 different levels, each level is a different terrain. You need to think quickly so that the two characters reach the finish line in the shortest time. Invite your friends to play the game with this two player mode and enjoy the fun of this game.

How to control

Player 1:

  • Jump using W
  • Move using A-D
  • Bubbles using S

Player 2:

  • Jump using Up Arrow or I
  • Move using Arrows or J - L
  • Bubbles using Down Arrow or K