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Welcome to MineFighters.club, the greatest for the most illustrious fighters from all around the world. You will fight fiercely to prevail in this battle. Enjoy a classic top-down free-for-all deathmatch, take out your opponents with a variety of melee weapons, and level up to get stronger.

Numerous participants engage in combat and compete to live as long as they can on a grassy field where the game is played. Consuming as much food as you can can only help you succeed by improving your character. Each time you gain a level, you get a little bit bigger and stronger, and your weapon switches to one with a greater range.

Anyone who has ever played an action game will have no trouble understanding how to play MineFighters.club: move about using W, A, S, and D; strike with the left mouse button; and attack while holding down the right mouse button. Be careful not to misuse the level gauge because running depletes it.

One of the finest online multiplayer action games is called Mine Fighters. Enjoy the vibrant pixelated visuals, intuitive controls, and incredibly fun gameplay for nothing. Can you grow to be the server's top warrior?

How to play

Use WASD and mouse to play this game.