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Money Land


Participate in Money Land

Do you want to build the city of your dreams? Come to Money Land and fulfill this wish.

In this game, starting from a pristine city with nothing, you will use the money to build facilities to turn it into an extremely developed city. Here, your city's growth means it will bring you a lot of money. So, on how to make your city more developed, go to the next section.

Guide to play Money Land

Oddly enough, in this game, money falls a lot on the ground. Control your stickman to pick up that money and run to the marked areas to build shops, ice cream pants, trash cans, etc. Moreover, these areas after being completed will bring you a lot of money.


Use the mouse to control the game.

Money creates money

If you've ever played Money Mart, you'll find their gameplay a bit similar. In both games, you will control your character to implement business strategies to earn more income.

However, in Money Land, instead of selling items in supermarkets, you will build modern buildings, unlocking the facilities necessary for a prosperous city. You should remember, the bigger the buildings, the more money they can bring you.

Besides, don't forget to upgrade and expand your city. As the population in the city is increasing day by day, the needs of people are also greater. You can earn money by using the money you collect to build hotels, dining restaurants, donuts shops, etc.