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Ninja Clash Heroes


About Ninja Clash Heroes

Immerse yourself in the battle of the ninjas in Ninja Clash Heroes. Step out of your zone and into the fray. Hide in a safe position so you don't get shot behind and make deadly shots.

Make a ninja war with your team

You together with your teammates start out from your base. Each person will spread out and move around the areas. When you see an opponent, immediately shoot them down with your gun. Aim properly and their heads to kill quickly and thoroughly. Before you shoot your opponents, look around and hide in a place where the opponent doesn't know you and can't shoot. Kill many opponents with many wins.

Life toolbar

Notice your health toolbar at the top of the screen. When shot down and damage to health, immediately get out of that position immediately before the opponent shoots continuously at you until you have no power left. Your play will end when you die. Wait for the results from the summary table. If your team wins, you will get bonus points. If you don't win, move on to the next match.

Character selection

Choose one of four characters to prepare for the upcoming battle. Characters have different functions, strengths, and weaknesses. Take challenges in each character to increase the life. Use the money you earn to upgrade your strength.

How to control

WASD to move

C to kneel

G to drop bombs

Left mouse to aim