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Ninja Run


Introduce Ninja Run

Welcome to the Ninja Run game, where you will have to play the role of a ninja. In this game, you have to move in a dark forest and collect gems.

A mysterious adventure has unfolded in the Ninja Run game, you will help get the ninja to avoid obstacles in the night and collect gems. The path is full of obstacles such as crows and Samurai gladiators. You must fight hard to overcome these obstacles. In addition, you are moving on an uneven road so you must also pay attention to the protruding earth blocks. You will fall when you hit these protrusions.

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Eliminate all the obstacles

The ways to overcome obstacles

There are 2 ways to overcome obstacles that are to ignore them or defeat them. You can jump to avoid obstacles. To knock down the obstacles you need to use the cost. Because you're a ninja, you can't melee with Samurai. After being destroyed the Samurai will turn into gems. Come and collect them.

How to control

  • You use the up arrow key to jump.
  • You hold the mouse to aim the goal and release the mouse to shoot darts.