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Only the bravest survive in the 2D combat of highly armed stickmen warriors in the Ninja.io game. Challenge other players and engage in fight with them there. Choose your weapon from a wide variety of melee and ranged weapons of death. To escape being shot, utilize your jetpack, run, leap, and find shelter. To become the server's champion, strive to overcome the most clever foes.

The variety of modes available when playing Ninja.io online is what makes it so wonderful. The same rules apply to squad-based competitive rounds in team deathmatch. To overcome the opposition, work together with your io pals. The map is divided into two sections that belong to two corresponding groups in capture the flag. Take the enemy's flag and deliver it to your base to win. In dodgeball, two teams are divided by an impassable wall. Avoid their strikes and fire missiles in their direction. Ninja.io may be played without spending any money thanks to the creators. Try it out for yourself to witness the most thrilling real-time battle.

How to play

It's crucial to comprehend the fundamentals before diving into the details. When you want to run, crouch, or jump, press A, D, or S. weapon exchanges with Q E is the throwing key. R is for reloading, while X is for prone. Attack using a left click and use the jetpack by holding down the right mouse button. Always go forward, and depending on the circumstance, change your strategy. Use a variety of weapons and equipment to your advantage to consistently prevail!