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Northern Heights


Show off your amazing skiing skills in Northern Heights. Cross the winding snowy roads and collect golden flowers along the way. Put on your ski suit and enjoy.

The way of the game Northern Heights

You will be transformed into a skier. The whole road is full of snow, and you are free to show off your skiing skills. Can you manage to move forward without fear of falling or losing your balance? Perform incredible stunts, slide along slopes, amazing power-ups.

Cross the zigzag snow-covered path by holding down the mouse button or your finger while you go down. Also collect as many snowflakes as possible before reaching the finish line. Use the up and down movement of the ramp to accelerate. And avoid bumping obstacles along the way!

Collect as many flowers to buy items in the shop. There are many things that you can buy such as hats, clothes, skateboards and light when accelerating. Unlock all products to diversify and enrich your character. All you need to focus on is to cross the finish line in the shortest time possible and collect all the flowers that appear during the game.

How to control

Hold to accelerate

Release to jump

Hold to drive when sliding down