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Nyan Cat Fly


Description of Nyan Cat Fly

Are you having free time? Want to experience an entertaining game to help you refresh and regain your spirit for a productive day? Why don't you play Nyan Cat Fly?

Game rules of Nyan Cat Fly

The requirements of this game are easy to understand, your task is to accompany the flying cat to shoot down the targets in the game. You and the cat are flying in space where your opponent wants to destroy you with blocks. Use your weapon to blast all of them, while avoiding dangers.

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Use the mouse to control the game. In which, slide the mouse to navigate for the character and click the mouse to shoot.

How to win in Nyan Cat Fly

If you pay attention, you will easily notice that on the falling blocks there are numbers. These numbers represent the number of bullets you need to fire to detonate them. The higher the number of the block, the more times you need to shoot to destroy them.

In addition, do not forget to constantly upgrade weapons so that your cat can be stronger and easier to complete the goals. To upgrade weapons, you need to use coins collected during the game.

Killing the boss is the last step for you to move to another world. After overcoming all obstacles, the last object that you need to destroy is the boss. Each world is guarded by a boss, they are very powerful. But if you destroy them you will get a lot of coins.