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Papa's Burgeri

About Papa's Burgeria

Open your own store in the Papa's Burgeri game. You will be the owner of a burger restaurant and your task is to make burgers and serve customers. The 2 characters in this game are Marty and Rita, you will choose between these 2 characters and start serving the shop. To operate the shop you must follow 3 stages. There are Order Station, Grill station, and Building Station. You take the steps in each of these stages and grow your restaurant. Let's open a chain of cake restaurants in this game.

How to make the burgers in Papa's Burgeria

This game is divided into 3 stages. You use your mouse and control your character to follow these stages.

  • Order Station: In this step, you take the customer's order. Then you send the menu to the next stage for making the dish.
  • Grill station: You cook and flip burgers here. You knead the dough and shape the cake and then bake it. After the cake is cooked, you go to Building Station to decorate.
  • Building Station: You order burgers with slices of tomato, sauce, onion, cheese, vegetables, and other ingredients. Finally, you bring the finished cake to the customer and get their review.