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Paws And Claws


Paws And Claws is a strategy game that helps the cat eat the fish in the maze. Be careful with the thorns in the maze because it will hurt you while collecting fish.

Tactics to overcome challenges

Collect the fish

Our main cat is very hungry and needs to eat to recharge. The only thing in this game that the cat can eat is the fish in the maze. Start with a small number, as you level up, the number of fish will also increase. Eating all the fish in the maze is the key to unlocking a bigger challenge.

The fish in the maze are waiting for you to collect. The cat doesn't move normally like step by step, instead, the cat will climb from one location to another so you need to have the right move strategy to collect all the fish in the maze.

As you progress to higher levels, there are more fish in a maze, but that means more challenges as the terrain of the maze becomes more difficult and the obstacles are more.

Avoid spikes

The obstacle that you need to do is not to crash into places with red spikes, this will cause you to lose your life. And how not to crash into them then this is your strategy. There is no limit to retrying but you need the right move strategy so you don't have to retry too many times in a level.

How to move

You can move the cat in two ways either using WASD or using the arrow keys.