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Pixel Shooter


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Join this action game and transform into a great shooter, you will fight with many other opponents. Can you become the winner?

Pixel Shooter's Gunfight

Pick up your gun, join the battle, and hunt down your enemies. As soon as you spot any opponents, you should destroy them immediately. Point the gun at them and shoot until they run out of blood. In this battle for survival, either you destroy the enemy or you are destroyed by the enemy. Therefore, be very careful. Try to kill as many enemies as possible, you will get MVP.

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  • Use the WASD to nagivate.
  • Click the mouse to shoot.

Features of Pixel Shooter

Weapons and Characters

Pixel Shooter provides you with an extremely diverse arsenal of weapons. You can spend coins to unlock the best weapon possible and take it with you into battle. The better the quality of the gun, the more it will help you.

Besides, you can also unlock your characters. Moreover, you also have the opportunity to receive special characters in Pixel Shooter. Make your character different and stand out from other players.

Game modes

The game includes many different modes. Which mode will you like more, refer to the information below and experience it.

PK mode is a mode where players need to attack and kill opponents by controlling, using weapons. In this mode, you can play solo, play with a team or play in a battle using only bombs.

Fight Mode is a mode with similar rules. Your mission is still to destroy the enemy. However, in each context of this mode, you will be accompanied by 2 other teammates. At the end of the allotted time, the team with the most kills wins. The player who kills more opponents will get the MVP. Have fun!