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Pizza Ninja Mania


Play Pizza Ninja Mania

Pizza Ninja Mania is a fruit-slashing game, where you can relieve stress. Here, you must try to cut as many fruits as possible in a short time.

The fruits will appear randomly on the map, you use the mouse to slash them. The fruits are varied with oranges, mangoes, watermelons, and so on. You can only slash the fruits, you can't cut the bomb. However, depending on the rules of each mode, the effect of slashing on bombs will be different.

How to control: Use the mouse to slash fruits.

3 modes of Pizza Ninja Mania

This game has 3 main modes

  • Arcade mode: In this mode, you only cut the fruit, not the bomb. When you hit the bomb 3 times you will be defeated. The target of this mode is that you will cut 500 points.
  • Trial mode: You need to try to cut all the fruits that appear on the map, you must not let any fruit fall on the screen. If you make a mistake 3 times you lose. The Target of this mode is 500 points.
  • Queue mode: The fruits will appear in rows, and you will cut each fruit in turn. The Target of this mode is 300 points.