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Pizza Tower


Pizza Tower is a platforming game inspired by classic titles like Mega Man and Wario Land. In the game, you are a character named Peppino, a pizza delivery boy who finds himself trapped in a mysterious tower filled with bizarre and dangerous creatures. Your goal is to navigate through different levels of the tower, overcome obstacles and rescue your customers who have been captured.

Outstanding aspects of the Pizza Tower

The game features fast-paced action and platforming gameplay, with a focus on precise movement and exploration. As you progress, you will encounter various enemies and bosses that you need to defeat using Peppino's unique abilities. Additionally, the tower is filled with secrets and collectibles that you can discover and uncover.

One of the notable aspects of this game is its quirky style and humor. It features vibrant pixel art visuals, catchy music, and a lighthearted tone. It embraces its pizza-themed setting, incorporating pizza-related elements and humor throughout the gameplay and story.

Pizza Tower's inspiration

Pizza Tower draws inspiration from various classic platforming games, particularly the Mega Man and Wario Land series. The developers have stated that they wanted to capture the essence of those games while adding their own unique twist and humor.

The Mega Man series is known for its challenging platforming levels, tight controls, and memorable boss battles. Pizza Tower incorporates similar elements, such as precise platforming mechanics and challenging enemy encounters. The game features a variety of enemies and bosses that require different strategies to defeat.

Wario Land, particularly the Wario Land: Shake It! game, serves as another source of inspiration for Pizza Tower. Wario Land games are known for their creative level design, unique power-ups, and humor. Pizza Tower aims to capture that same level of creativity and humor, infusing it with its own pizza-themed twist.

This game takes inspiration from beloved platforming games, combining elements from Mega Man, Wario Land, and other retro titles, while adding its own distinct style and humor to create a unique and enjoyable gaming experience.