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Pop Ice Online


Pop Ice Online pops ice cubes from cup to cup. Choose a level or endless game mode to perform. Shop at the store and unlock famous bottles of wine from around the world.

Ice Pop Challenge

Show your performance in the pub. You are a bartender and demonstrate moving ice from one cup of water to another for customers to see. One successful execution is one score. The challenge will become more and more difficult as you show in different forms of cups. Each cup has its own set of challenges. And you also need to be skillful and seize the moment to pop the ice from one cup to another.

Start with the Chinese restaurant. Since you are new, you are not familiar with how it plays. In this first level, there is always help to support you in Pop the stone. With 5 levels, you will be tested with many different cups. Get acquainted to prepare for the challenge in India. Besides, you can try other interesting games on our website like Geometry Dash Meltdown.

Shop at the store

Use the money you earn through the games to buy the stone, the cup and the hand.

Collect wine bottles

You will be given a random bottle of wine after a certain number of attempts. There are a total of 7 bottles. Complete missions to unlock them and better know their origin and form.

Game Modes

The main challenge of the game is to do the challenges of each level in each location. You will be traveling to famous countries around the world to perform missions.

In addition, you can experiment with the game's Endless mode. Pop ice cubes from cup to cup for as long as possible, more challenging when cups are your obstacle. Have the right strategies to move forward quickly. If the stone stays where it was, you run the risk of ending up because the wine is about to overflow.