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Power Badminton


About Power Badminton

In the sports game Power Badminton, the player must outscore his opponent in order to win the match. Choose a character, enter the arena, and show off your badminton skills by outdueling everyone! To score points and get the shuttlecock (the ball) into your opponent's territory, move back and and forth.

You must strive to win the game by using a variety of strokes and smashes. You can choose several characters available in this game. Show out your power badminton talents right now

Features of Power Badminton

  • 6 distinct character skins to choose from.
  • Intuitive controls.
  • Exciting, rich gameplay makes you not stop.
  • 2 distinct game modes are Training and Match.

Playing Instructions

To score points, hit the shuttlecock (the ball) into your opponent's territory while pacing back and forth. Be careful of your opponent's every move and always be on the lookout for surprise attacks from your opponent.

  • Move use press A to move to the left and press D to move to the right.
  • Press J to high swing, press K to low swing, and press L to hit.