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Red Slide


Welcome to the Red Slide game. In this game, you will have to solve puzzles by pushing the blue blocks to find the way out for the red blocks.

A red block is stuck in the board and the board has only one way out. However, this exit was blocked by the blue blocks. Your task in this game is to rearrange the position of the blue blocks to help the red block escape from the board. This challenge is not difficult, but you still have to be careful. With just one wrong arrangement it will take you longer to fake the puzzle. Be a smart player and solve these puzzles in no time.

Conquer the challenges in Red Slide

You use the mouse to rearrange the positions of the blocks. You use the mouse and drag the blue blocks out of the path. You keep doing this manipulation until you find the way out of the board. When creating the way out, you drag the red block out to continue to the next challenge. As such, you will conquer this game on many levels. There are 60 levels waiting for you to explore. Do you believe you can conquer this game?