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Runner is a game that runs across platforms with no stops. Let's run forward and be careful the steps ahead. Quickly go through unstable platforms as it causes you to fall off the road.

Journey go to home

Bring the alien back to his home. His duty to overcome obstacles is to go through the platforms to move forward. The journey back home was extremely arduous as the run had no end. Take a straight line forward, avoiding uncertain platforms as they can cause you to fall out of the way. You also need to look ahead to teleport to the sides to go.

Experience Modes

Advanture is a mode of experimenting with different play spaces. Each design space positions the platforms in different locations and it will be divided into different levels. The levels also show increasing difficulty as you get higher. You will get to try 12 different levels. Time to complete the task in only 60 seconds.

Infinite is a running mode with no limits and no stops. You will only stop when you fall out of the running space. Run as far as you can and show your running ability. Try to go on solid platforms so as not to fall.

Character Unlock

You will start with an alien character wearing a backpack. In addition, you can unlock other characters by completing multiple cross-platform challenges. Mysterious characters are waiting for you to unlock, if you are curious, do not hesitate to play the game right away.

Way to control

To move the character, you can use the left/right arrow keys or swipe to the sides.