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Scary Wheels

Play the Scary Wheels game

Join the crazy race in Scary Wheels. Control your character to reach the destination. Don't crash into deadly traps if you don't want to start the game over.

Reach the finish line in Scary Wheels

This game with some gore scenes is not suitable for children. You can switch to playing games with peaceful gameplay like Zombie Shooter, Gary's World, Geometry Dash Bloodbath, Geometry Dash Meltdown, etc. If you like the thrilling feeling, you can play this game. Control your character skillfully to avoid spikes and traps along the way. In addition, your character will find it difficult to balance when moving. You can combine the left arrow and right arrow to keep the balance for the character. To move forward, press the up arrow. If you want to go backward, press the down arrow. At the end of a level, you get some gold coins. You can use them to unlock new characters in the shop. In addition, you can play the game every day to log in to receive gifts.