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Smash Karts


Smash Karts is a multi-person kart race. Choose the game mode you want and start the battle. Go around the arena and crash your car into your opponent.

Modes in the game

Free For All mode

In this mode, you will compete with many different opponents. You and your opponent will compete in an arena full of weapons. Drive the kart around the arena, collecting weapons and attacking opponents. Defeat all opponents and become the longest survivor in the arena. Also be careful because your opponent can sneak up on you.

Gem Collector mode

You will compete in the arena and collect 10 gems. They are scattered across the arena. In two minutes, you need to collect more than your opponent to win.

Capture The Flag mode

In this mission, you need to capture the flag to bring back to the base for your team. The flag has only one and the opponent will also try to capture the flag. By all means, get the flag back before your opponent steals it.

Hat Holder mode

You and your opponent will compete against each other to find the hat hidden in the arena. If you are the one to pick up the hat, try to keep it and don't let your opponent get it. The disadvantage when you are the one holding the hat is that you can't use any weapons to fight the opponent, but the opponent can use weapons to get the hat. Drive away from opponents and hide from attacks.

How to control

WASD/arrow keys to move the kart

Space to shoot weapons