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Relax with Snake

Snake is an arcade game in which you navigate a snake. Let's help the snake eat as many apples as possible. How many apples can you snake eat?

The rules in Snake

You can see your snake in a box and it can only move in it. If your snake hits the barriers, the game will end immediately. Moreover, the snake hitting its head on its body can cause death. The apples will appear in any position. After your snake eats an apple, another will come up. The more apples your snake eats, the longer its size is. Of course, it is difficult to control a long snake in a small box. This is an endless game. Therefore, you can play until your snake dies. Use your skills to steer the snake as long as you can. One apple is a point. How many points can you get in this game? In addition to this game, why don't you try Cuphead, Duck Life 4, Geometry Dash Meltdown and Parking Fury 3D Beach City?

Control: use arrow keys to move the snake.