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Solitaire Leather Cards

About Solitaire Leather Cards

Solitaire Leather Cards is a card-sort game, where you will turn over hidden cards and arrange them in piles in order from lowest to highest.

In this game, the cards have been shuffled and arranged in 6 different columns. Your task is to uncover these cards and arrange them in 4 columns of the same suit and in order from low to high. These arranged columns will start from the ace card. This game becomes more difficult without the undo key, you will not be able to undo the wrong steps you have made. Are you confident that you will overcome the challenge?

The principle of arranging cards

To arrange the cards you need to turn over the hidden cards in 6 columns. You arrange the opened cards into other columns to flip these cards. To arrange the cards in another column, they must be of different colors and arranged in order from lowest to highest. In addition, there are backup cards in the upper left corner of the screen. You can use these cards when you have no other cards to use. You arrange all the cards and complete the challenge of the game.

Control: Use the mouse to arrange the cards.